Ruby Joule Burlesque
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Interview on "The Creative Spark" Podcast - November 2016

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Radio Interview for "Off Stage and On the Air", KOOP Radio - May, 2009

"...embodies the classic movement and Silver Screen glamour that audiences in the Golden Era of Burlesque clamored for... a true pioneer of the burlesque revival."

Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine

"A shining starr of the new burlesque."

Blaze Starr

"She brings high energy to all her dances... Her choreography reveals advanced modern and ballet technique, dynamically executed... she remains an erotic dream while concealing what hard physical work it is."

David Robinson,


Sarah Tressler, San Antonio Express-News

"Her use of shadows and of her accessories is truly an art... a must-see."

Edith Bernier, Mobtré


Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

"Ms. Ruby's routines are a unique display of mature sexuality and innocent beauty."

The Houston Press


San Antonio Current

"Ms. Joule is the kind of looker David Lee Roth would have called 'blue-eyed murder in a size five dress,' a red-headed, porcelain-skinned first round knockout who radiates poise and intelligence." 

Jacob J. Mauldin, Piney Woods Live Magazine

"...a Burlesque Hall of Fame inductee, Ruby Joule will roule your toule with her kit and caboule! You’ll need a cup to catch the droule!"

Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene

"...damn hot!"

Devin Lawson, Clutter Magazine (New York)

"...a statuesque redhead... a professional actress and gorgeous."

W. R. Maxwell, Metro ANE (Dallas)

"...danced (or should I say stripped) divinely..."

"Eye-popping glamour... not to be missed."

Stephen Moser, Austin Chronicle

"...graceful... elegantly performed... with alluring and captivating energy.  ...a woman to watch keenly... left the engaged admirers howling for more."

Annar Veröld, Red River Noise (Austin)

“A practiced burlesque dancer… performing adroitly to a naughty Eartha Kitt song.”

Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman

“energetic, dynamic and well-executed dancing… highly entertaining”

Barry Pineo, The Austin Chronicle

"...the poised porcelain princess of tease..."

21st Century Burlesque Magazine (London)

"...a Texas filly that made us hot under the collar... First name Ruby. Like the gem. Last name Joule... as in the unit of energy and heat! And she was living up to her name!"

Bachelor Pad Magazine (Champaign, IL)

"...the real deal. Pro woman burlesque perfection."

Elizabeth Bellanti, Bellanti Branding