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RubyLips™ deluxe glitter lips kit in "Ruby"

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"A wow factor for your face!" Luxury edition...

This is the stunning, read-my-lips, blinged out lipstick that Ruby gets asked about at every single show. "Where did you GET that lipstick?" It's an ancient drag queen secret, and a process used by showgirls all over the world-- and Ruby has boiled it down to three simple steps and put them all together in one kit for you.  

The Ruby Lips glitter lips kit comes with all the products that Ruby herself uses to achieve this look, including the full-sized longwear formula lipstick in her signature crimson shade called "Ruby Joule," and even has a link to an online tutorial video where she shows you how to apply it, step by step. Each kit provides enough product for 10 - 15 applications.

Each kit contains: full sized long-wear lipstick, gel gloss, cosmetic grade glitter, tutorial card and link. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.